Bleeding Love

I admired you from afar

I loved you forever

I had my heart set on you

Then one day you told me you loved me

I believed you

And once we got so far, we couldn't turn back.

You broke my heart.

You lied.

You took my pride and shoved it down my throat.

I choked on your love.

You poisoned me.

You killed my love, my spirit.

Now as I look in the mirror

I see the red scars from your love

Or, what I thought was love.

How could you         me so?

I thought you loved me,

I thought you cared.

I thought you would always be there when I needed you.

But I guess I thought wrong.

My life has since been trashed, chopped up, spit on and frowned upon.

Look at what you did to me--don't you care?

If you don't, that's one more soul you killed by your scarring love.

Or, what I thought was love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was based on my first and only relationship. The guy I went out with for exactly 1 month had dated so many of my friends it's not even funny. But our relationship went bad after about 2 weeks and he did      , tried stealing alcohol from my house, smoked in front of me, tried to get me to get high and drunk with him and told me one night that if he was with me we'd be having    . I was only 13 and he was 15. So he broke up with me for no reason and this poem was written in light of it, even though this is not how everything happened.

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