Not scared of commitment.

Not time for commitment.

Why do we have to let society define what a relationship has to be?

Or what it should be?

Can’t we just do what we want regardless of the title?

We can go on dates and kiss while you aren’t my girlfriend.

We don’t need to be committed to have feelings.

Maturity doesn’t necessarily lead to a relationship.

We can be young, busy with school, and not be committed.

We can be mature enough to create our own rules.

Not saying we should talk to other people.

Just know your focus should currently be on yourself and being able to mature enough to let the other person handle their business.

No texts and calls everyday.

Labels add a feeling of entitlement.

The standard of the label.

If I know I’m coming back to you no matter what’s the point of the label if you know what you are to me.

We can do this for years and maybe eventually add the commitment when we’re older and wiser.

We’re still learning ourselves.

Let us take time to learn each other.

Let’s be best friends first.

Build a foundation before we add a name.

Takes year to build a strong structure.


They aren’t going anywhere.

It will come.

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Mmmmm. Read my poem 'Can I Have Your Attention Please' then comment.  After that I'll get back to you.