Scattered Memories

Memories and voices in my head.

I recognize them.

I’d rather not share whose they are.

Everything these voices tell me are true.

So serene and calm.

My favorite childhood memory.

Can I just go back?

When will the time machine be invented?

If we had time machines would we revisit one memory forever?

Would we ever stay in the present?

Kingdom Hearts was my favorite childhood memory.

The greatest game of all time.

They chose the perfect voice for every character.

Childish Gambino and Kingdom Hearts.

Both give me a feeling I’ve never felt before.

It’s the perfect feeling.

As if everything will be alright when it isn’t.

I need the keyblade to life.

I think I found it.

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aRandomJoe's picture

Loved the poem

A very thoughtful and meaningful piece that I found to be a very enjoyable read. And how could you say no when you include Kingdom Hearts and Childish Gambino? Haha. Keep on writing man!