Black Man in America

A black man with labels.
Being limited by society to these labels.

Boxed by labels.

Trying to break out of this box.




Untamed anger bottled up.

You wouldn’t understand

But I would.

Let a black man dream

For more



It’s not all about money.

Money is power and you can’t tell me it’s not.

History has taught us this lesson.

You can have influence without money


You can’t freely contract in business.

You need permission for your project ideas.

And if you’re black it’s even worse.

They don’t truly want you to succeed.

You can’t make other black billionaires.

There’s seven in 2013.


I don’t want all the money.

I’m fine with just influence.

But I’m told I’m a sellout.

I talk properly sometimes.

I’ve dated some white girls.

I went to a private school.

I don’t like the ways of the “hood”.

I want to move far away from the ghetto.

But an angel made me rethink that.

Once people gain money they run.

“Black Flight”

I can’t have that.

I love where I’m from.

I’m just scared for my kids.

To go through what I went through.

Terrible education systems.

Harsh Bullying.

The temptation of the streets.


The materialistic lifestyle.

But if more people who made a good amount stayed in the hood

Wouldn’t it not be the hood anymore?

Wouldn’t the average income rise?
Wouldn’t there be more businesses?

Wouldn’t more businesses thrive?

Wouldn’t there be better role models in the hood?

Seems as if there are more positives than negatives.

Angels have a way of making you see things clearly.

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TheShadowKnows's picture

Hmmmm interesting concept. At

Hmmmm interesting concept. At the same time... Correlation is not nessisary causation. Living in a poor district alone does not make the inhabitants hood or violent or drug pushing gun flashing thugs. Neither does being poor dictate your behaviors. I've met rich jerks and ive met poor jerks. And money alone cannot transform the people imbedded in destructive cultural practice. I lived in a poor white farm community with extremely low education standards and low graduation rate. The people there arnt violent or thug at all. Mostly just easy going plow pushing folks who are actually some of the most trusting and friendly people I've ever met. It ought to make one wonder what these ghetto kids excuses are if it's not money or education. And you may think I'm bold to think that it's not oppression. Another great example is east Asia. Wanna talk about oppression... Poverty? Take a look at some of the rice farming communities. They are such generous good mannered people.