The Naked Eye

Feeling as if I’m Pinocchio

And my strings are being pulled.

I’m being played with.

But I’m a real boy.

I have a heart and feelings.

I may not show them

But I do.


For you to just throw it all away is sad


Disrespectful to me and all I’ve done.

You’re the reason I don’t trust women.


They like rebounds and back up plans.

They don’t want to be vulnerable.

Love is vulnerable but you don’t know

What it is.

You can’t possibly love me and do this.


Your words don’t match your actions.

When two things don’t match up

There isn’t a fire.

Even the cave men were brave enough

To try something new and spark fire.

But you’re too incompetent to.


All I hear is lies from your mouth.

I can see them from a mile away.

They are like the Himalayas.

Except only I can see them.

Invisible to the naked eye.

My eye’s aren’t naked anymore.

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Like your style man

Man your good man keep writing bro got another new fan!

If your heart is not 100% in it then you're not fully committed!