Reality is something we deem real through our eyes
Or is it just real lies we prioritize.
I don’t know.
We fool ourselves into thinking everything is alright.
Just good enough not to explode.
Souls set sail when we let go.
Breathless and lifeless are not the same.
A web of lies that us spiders seem to stick to.
Never falling off but losing our potential.
I know better.
I know that life is much more than an existence.
That life is much more than a pension and some Benzes.
A lifetime to leave  people feeling meaningful
We all have a purpose
so just know your feeling of worthlessness is worthless.

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"Breathless and lifeless

"Breathless and lifeless arn't the same, a web of lies that us spiders seem to stick to" amazing  dude "applause"

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin