Beautifully Indescribable

I see her looks are naught but beautifully indescribable

I would say she is of passion like flames but her eyes are of frost
Their chill leaves me breathless like a cold winter so reliable
And at the end of the day I would know that I would drift to sleep so lost
And her body of gentle curves that are so pleasing to my sight
But in the inside she is slightly rigid in only the best of ways
And her soft voice induces such lull that even the rested couldn't fight
But she speaks proud words that would make any man gaze
And upon that gaze they would find themselves a girl so desirable
But they don't know why, for once again, she is beautifully indescribable 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did I contradict the purpose of the poem? Did I describe her beauty? Or is it just cotton mouthed rambling? I don't know. For the reader to decide I suppose