Bleeding Tranquility

Giving in to what has got me

Feeling claustrophobic, scared.

Severed me from all emotion

Life is just too fucking hard

Your expression was all it took

Cuz this need isnt doin' me any good

Fall on my face, but can't you see?

This fucking life is killing me.

I wasn't promised a thing

You keep mocking me

But you will never again

Before you know - after you're gone.

For once in my life, i'm glad your gone.

I wont have to worry about what I'm doing wrong,

Finally, I find my tranquility

This guilt inside... is killing me

I lay there bleeding in the floor,

I have escaped.

Now I just bleed knowing I'm still alive.

God damn lord, just take this away from me

I dont need this life anymore,

What do you keep me here for?

Lifting my head to see what damage is done.

I'm to far gone, to patch up these melachonist wounds in my wrist.

God Damn lord, You have takin' this away from me,

Guess you seen fit I dont need this life anymore.

Why did you take me for?

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Kris Grula's picture

Wow...Great job...your words are so full of pain and a haunting beauty. Well done.