Fall's Bleeding

Leaves have fell from the trees,

They have turned colors, you normally dont see...

The graves become frost colored, like your eyes used to be,

Now they have completely darkened,

The  light of the sun has softened,

The season is bleeding,

It is no longer touched by the depthless sun

It has lost It's touch.

As you stand at her grave,

The leaves have plastered them-selves to it,

Dusting it off...

Here lies a girl who bled for everyone;

Now she has fell, and she is gone...

Fall is bleeding against her grave,

The silence catches you;

Making you feel bad for all that wrong that you have said,

You said you made your amends,

Now she is only dead;

Dont you wish you could take away all the pain this girl seen?

Fall is bleeding,

It is so dark now,

She cannot breath,

Nor can she longer see,

She was the angel who missed it all

Fragile as a porcelain doll,

You tore her to the ground,

To her death she is bound

The fall is bleeding

She wants to be the god you tremble for,

And this aching heart, ...

Blood slides down from the engraved words of the stone,

From this aching word, she has flown,

Flew away from the only pain she had, She no longer bleeds for everyone else....

She only bleeds for her self

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