Fuck you

*New Poems*

Please dont hit me

I'm afraid of the lifted hand

I am fragile no longer accepting abuse

Please mom, dont put me through..

This pain you have another

Sometimes I wish you'd just smother

I want to hide how you make me feel

You make me feel violent and wanting to kill

You make me feel like a bad person fro the things Id want to do to you.

I want to make you scream and feel bad for all that you wronged.

You are not concidered my mother concidering what youve put me through.

All I want in life is to be happy and content,

Instead mom, with the lift of your hand I flinch.

Im not the lost cause you say me to be...

At least I know what I want to be, and thats happy.

Not living there in this house that kicks, slaps, punches, and burns me...

I'd rather be dead than to live here

When ever she hits me what does she feel that its making me better?

Fuck you mother

For all this hate you've given me

Fuck you mother

For all this resisentment that makes me cry

fuck you mother

For you are absolutely nothing to me

Fuck you mother...

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My mother was a bitch from

My mother was a bitch from hell too. So I sooo feel your pain.