In the corner

*New Poems*

In the corner is where all of my feelings are stashed,

In one whole bit the depth of my nothingness is flash...

I have the hope that you wish you, used to have...

I am the sedative that sedates you when your parents beat you.

I am the soothing voice you need to hear to keep from pulling the trigger.

In the corner I wait seething all the things that hurt you.

In some ways I wish I could take it all away.

I wish I was the scab that protects you from bleeding...

The clotting factor that keeps you from dying.

I wish I could make all your pain go away

and help you from letting your feet from touching the ground.

In the corner I may be the pain that causes distress

In this situation... I am the one who helps you feel less...

In the corner

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote this Some of the pain ive went through

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