Tainted Divinity

A goddless mind a rise in the pain;

An abstract of for what I no longer see

I can catch on to what others believe;

But from this religion; I flee...

Oh God Damn - why has this tainted divinity caught my soul

For God and I bother - no longer know

After so long of not believing his wrath taints me

My last breath will not whisper his name... but scream for another.

The truth.. is released... and then it is painful

Catching my soul.. with this tainted divinity

What other than your hope can float a sea traveler against water?

Stoned I woke up in your temple... with death beside me

Catch me this tainted divinity

For what god and its believers only see

I'm a sinner, a no longer believer

Should I get something...

for atleast...

Being me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Religion / Other beliefs and feelings

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Leigh Stenhouse's picture

Love the ending.