New Death Sensation

Ignite a new sensation against my finger-tips

The fire I want found is now freezing my flesh

I feel peircing collision that our hearts attribute to

Screaming love at the no longer full - but blank

I lay here in the rain - my fire not only put out but no longer singing.

Strike the flame that I'm no longer I light

I remind my self of the clash that want frolliced apon my lips;

I want to hear someone scream with the pain ive engaged in

I want to see someone else besides me suffer in the  house of disection.

Like Murder - Feeling my chest pound my soul no longer a custom

Playing your veins like a sick guitar against my heart

I feel flowers wanting to consume you - Like Murder

It's some kind of..

Some kind of..

I feel it consuming..

Like Murder

It's some kind of New Death Sensation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was laying one day.. thinking about fire... and all that goes with fire.. and life which is death, and murder and this world has turn to a horrible thing... why not just put that in perspective?

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