Sought after Angel

His deep  green eyes, form your love,

Everything I  seek

I find in you

You sought after angel

Why do you keep running?

Am I what you need or want?

Run to me sought after angel

Who is to say you could never love or bleed before?

Can you truly say I'm the mix between goddess and angel?

Run to me you sought after Angel,

Stop running from my love

I need you, angel...

Bleed my veins in the puddle of deception in which is never told

Can you believe what you've done to me?

You have me in tears

Have me thinking about things I didnt know I could

Run to me, Angel

You have me running in circles

in all the circles that form the mortal harship of love

You have me twisting and turning at every word

You have my love... I'm in love

Run to me you sought after angel

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