Dead Freak Angel

To see the life, she watches through the mirror

As allthe un-innocent watches in horror

She has shown what it is like to be not like another

Our own individuality can scare the most alike

We laugh at all the people that are the same to us

The people laugh at me because they think I'm a freak

Us Dead Angels, Are not

That's why the most unlikely of the same faught

When we all sleep, we dream of another

In another life in which is commonly decieved

Dead Freak Angel, Do you want to be like the rest

Left in the horrid none reality tradgedy

Her bleeding tears, Told the story

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm often judged for my peircings and they way I chose to live my way of life, and this was a good way of me expressing

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Leigh Stenhouse's picture

As my friend, Hope, mentioned up above, I know how this feels all to well. I've never written a poem that took on being a "freak" in terms on just dressing a certain way because it's such a broad subject and for those who know how it feels, you can sometimes get too caught up in emotion. But I feel you did it like a pro. You put feeling into it, yet stayed distant enough so that we could put ourselves in the picture. Very lovely.

Michelle Staten's picture

This is a wonderful peice of literature, and I'm glad you shared it with all of us. I too know what it's like to be called a freak because of how I act, talk, and dress. Perhaps sometime you can come by my section of Post Poems and read some of mine. Again, thanks for sharing.

Hope Bratcher's picture

I'm considered to be a freak at my school, and so is one of my best friends, Leigh. People judge others by what they look like, but they never think about their judgement from other people's point of views. They just don't think what they say will hurt or infuriate people, but it does. And they still have no clue.

jake's picture

hey. I know how you feel. Im a total freak... my parents are always saying 'would you go into a job lookin like THAT? with your freak green hair and those CLOTHES?' and im jut hanging round the mall. peoplesuck.