Suicidal Torment

Everything you do

I hate you for

The things you do

I wish you would just go away and leave me alone

To leave me bleed

Just let me die alone in my bed

At this point I wish I were truly dead

Die in my bed with psychotic thoughts running through my head

Go away and leave me be

Be quiet

You tell me I'm pretty, becauseI do not belive

You tell me I'm special,

You just live to let me bleed

I tell you to leave me be

I love you and a weird kinda way

The pain drives me wild

In some instances...

Just baby

Let me be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is okay, I wrote it in a anger rage kind of thing, cant describe it in anyother way

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Leigh Stenhouse's picture

This is really great, I love the imagery.

Hope Bratcher's picture

I like this poem. It's a very good one about death.