Final Escape

Moving On

Escape this Hell that you found yourself in

Lock the doors from your “so-called friends”

Control your own life; these assholes don’t count

They want to fuck things up, so kick them out

They claimed they were helping and healing

When it was your precious time they were stealing

Get rid of these S.O.B’s who fucked you over

The same bastards that once lent you their shoulder

And pulled away laughing as you fell over

Drunk in their own insanity while you stayed sober

Games they play, you have no time for now

You’re better than them, and they wonder how

Your baby’s on his way; Daddy’s coming home

And he’ll fuck them all up who don’t leave you alone

Those who say, “Run to God”: Look at reality.

Look in the mirror at your own lives. What do you see?

I see low life scumbags who can’t hold a candle to me

These “has-beens” fucked up when they fucked with me

They don’t realize it now but soon they’ll see

They better run to God and hide behind their Bible pages

Hope He forgives them for their insanity rages

Cuz I didn’t do a fucking thing wrong

And you’ve all fucked me over for way too long

Covering your actions with deceit on your face

Committing me in as the “mental case”

But I’m one up on these self-righteous shits

The doctors proved they were the mentalists

Cut yourself, you Godly bitch; Hope you hit a vein

And I can laugh my ass off as your blood drains

And as for you, Mother Dear, I hope you drown in your tears

Cuz you fucked me over the last time for 22 years

Fuck you and the life you have now without me

You lost your 200 grand house, and I think it’s funny!

You fucked my father right to his grave

6 feet under, but he’s got it made

You’re out of his face and you hated me

Cuz when you looked at my face, he’s who you’d see

You talked the town over lies about me

But they know the truth cuz they can see

You’re the mental bitch of the Family Tree

It’s not my sister and sure as Hell ain’t me

And that poor kid you’re raisin is in for a treat

You’re gonna grow him up to be the town freak

Just like you, but he’ll escape someday

And he’ll fuck you over in the very same way

But I’m escaping this Hell I grew up in

Don’t knock on my door, Bitch, cuz it ain’t open

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justme4him's picture

Hello Stai, how's going?
I read your poem and I try to figure it out your present, I am sorry, deeply sorry if your real life is reflected in this poem, I don't judge you, I would just say forgive and look to Jesus.
Stay blessed,