Merry Christmas Sonnet


Merry Christmas Sonnet

Karyn Indursky written with Dove


Allow prayers to travel from heart to mouths

as we celebrate the birth of Jesus

who was born and saved us with his life; crowds

of people want to give presents at night


The loving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord

touches our tender heart all through the year

But on Christmas day we all can afford

To celebrate his birth with loving Cheer


Singing merriment and blessings for all

who gather their Christmas chorus outside

with little elf's helping; no problem too small

and God's love like angel wings will help guide


So long as our love for Jesus Christ shines

sharing our religion will be divine

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I always love poems that

I always love poems that center around wise human beings of the past who walked the earth in virtues that stand the test of time. There have been many. Some have had entire "kingdoms and political views of judgement" based upon them. Whether they asked for this to be or not to be is most times left up to those who they leave behind, along with a plethora of additions from the depth of humanity's experiences and what we easily adopt to as "knowledge" in our human desperation to "know" if the sun will shine upon our existence in the morrow.


Man has many issues with the thought of being wrong. Celebrations, I find to be a personal event....which should be held the dawn of every every way, but I rejoice in the core beliefs of human being, as it is that aspect, and that aspect alone, that all "true" spiritual leaders that have passed from this earth agree upon. 


And so I love this write, however biased the last line may be. It is all (in my own mind) an effort to join all religions as I was so lovingly taught through Catholicism, even though today, in all honesty, I see too many flaws with the intentions of most religions to follow that particular religion or any other to a "T". I wish for all people to be enlightened to the same one day. 

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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nightlight...thank you for such a thought provoking response. i like to try to remind people why we're celebrating and part of being American is the ability to let our flags of religion fly. hugs.