Hum Drum Sunflower


Hum Drum Sunflower

Karyn Indursky written with Dove


Time is a ticking as her petals grow

with every second her scent the fresh air

thee sunflower every minutes just shows

her yellow petals so lovely and fair


her seeds are such wonder, so tasty and sweet

we could eat them around the timely clock

tick tock, tick tock the sunflower does beat

sway away  in the breezes she rocks


she sings her sassy song as she works moves

showing off her zest for blooming her life

as the time keeper taps his footprint grooves

into the dancing green grasshopper strife


as long as there are flowers still thumbing

calculator will always be humming.

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Sunflower & grasshopper



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bishu that's so cute. thanks for taking the time to find pictures to match my poem. they're lovely.