Sunflower Hands


Sunflower Hands

Karyn Indursky


Shall I compare a sunflower to clocks?

Thy clocks go tick, tock, tick as flowers grow.

From a seed to a sprouting light green stem
the clock of time is calculating how long
it will take to transform into a gem
for time keeper will be hitting the gong 
as hands of time are calculating her bloom
to see her full round face sun-kissed with seeds
under thou sunlight's  kiss of sweet perfume
as sands of time slides down from being weeded
under the golden yellow sun she starts
to show the growth of her pretty petals
and with the magic of nature her heart
smiles at you hear the gong rattle then settle.
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Behold the beauty



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Love it.

Love this picture. It absolutely perfect for this poem.