Untitle Me

untitle me

Karyn Indursky


words setting in a vase

capturing your eyes attention

at the beauty of flowers


as they whaft in

the autumn air

making you step closer


to touch a petal

with the tip of your fingers

at awe with its delilcate nature


until you water nourishment

helps it bloom under 

your ivory hands


feeling proud you take

pictures of it with poetic

flare zooming in the click


and you begin to paint

textures of words

across banana parchment 


sounding droplets of 

inspiration into velvet

hugging nature's splendor


of a purple bouquet 

undressed to your senses

and far too wondrous

to capture by a label.



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Intriguing write Respected Mm P_eyes

Intriguing write Respected Mm P_eyes



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thank you

thank you.