Plagued Fear

Plagued Fear

Karyn Indursky

Fear is people believing
you only smile
because they're assuming
you're thinking about sex...
Fear is have people
stereotyping, labeling, judging,
and discriminating against you...
Fear is having readers
raping you or having people
tell you you're lucky
you're not killed...
Fear is people not being able
to stop being mean, insensitive,
and downright selfish...
Fear is feeling you can't
be yourself and never being
able to write poetry again...

Fear is worrying about
your friends, family, pets...
Fear is finding who you
can truly trust
to be there for you
without talking shit
behind your back and who's going to be there
no matter what... 
Fear is the struggle of keeping 
your depression/anxiety under control 
and having medications available...
Fear is people tarnishing your reputation
with rumors and telling everyone
you have "issues'", need "therapy,"
and are a "robot", not a person,
especiallly when it couldn't be further
from the truth...
Fear is people who can't stop messing
with you and finding it 
as "fun" and some kind of "big joke"...
Fear is people not being to 
refrain from verbally assaulting you...
Fear is people not truly
understanding you or accepting you... 
Fear is people bruising 
you from the inside out... 
Fear is a million things
that causing a plague
that needs to conquered.


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Love it!! One thing stood out

Love it!! One thing stood out for me...


Fear is the struggle of keeping 
your depression/anxiety under control 
and having medications available...
 Because it's hard to distinguish whether you fear the medications being there...or you fear the loss of the medications being there... see what I mean? But otherwise it only speaks of your amazing gift. <3             

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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this poem...

this poem was a challenge from roc. glad you enjoyed my reply