Blue Eyed Poetry

Blue Eyed Poetry

Karyn Indursky
Through my eyes
the lines of words
get blurry.

Through my eyes
the views of friendships
are shaded, blended, accented.

Through my eyes 
the glimpse of art
is beautiful, inspirational, captivating.

Through my eyes 
the sight of emotions
are confusing, bewildering, perplexing.

Through my eyes
the world is a canvas
to be sculpted, molded, painted
with poetic depth, 
expressive perception,
and displayed creatively.  
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Morningglory's picture

I like your blued eyed poetry...

Through my eyes, I see a masterpiece of art.

Through my eyes, everything is all right.

Through my eyes, the world is a beautiful place.

And through my eyes, I also create.

Sometimes it's ugly, sometimes great.

But always, I just plain like to relate.

With anything and everyone.

I'm really just here to have some fun.

Paint a picture, I'd love to view.

I'm always delighted to see something new.

And I respect the art that you make.

For it comes from the heart and that you can't fake.







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Poetic_Eyes's picture

love it

love your reply healing. it's poetic and touching. amazing.