Angelic Pink

Angelic Pink

Karyn Indursky

Velvet heather skies

pour down silky tears

upon soft pink cheeks

to pour out stormy emotions...

Murky expressions ignite blue

turmoil thundering inside the chambered heart

to bleed dark red puddles

of a love lost to loved one's...

Lightening bolts clank clouds

until they plummet down

drenching us with sobbing winds

exposing emotional vulnerabilities...

On her knees, Selena, cries

out all her pain and when

she feels hallow, empty, helpless, and alone

her angels wrap their arms around her

in safety, protection, comfort, support...

Stormy emotions roll with clanking lightening

when memories sail down cashmere skin

until prayers calms her heartache, rugged emotions, and stress.

Angels wrapped Selena in feather soft wings 

to save her with the acceptance of God

leading her to a higher existence

to be a pink guardian angel.


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