Karyn Indursky

I miss talking with you.
I miss the sound of your voice.
I miss your gentle laughter.
I miss your intellectual insight.
I miss your vocals being a sweet caress.


I miss the smile you bring out of hiding.
I miss how you make me laugh, smirk, smile...
even on bad days.
I miss how you listen to me.
I miss how you factor me into your day.
I miss the sight of the smile I tug out of you.
I miss how I make you laugh.
I miss our play on words.


I miss your tender confessions.
I miss knowing what's on your mind.
I miss knowing you're thinking about me too.
I miss you like flowers craving rain.


But tomorrow...
I will miss you no more
because somehow we will
talk or communicate.

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Morningglory's picture


I can totally relate to this Karyn. Is this an old one or new. I feel like I'm walking in a pair of your old shoes. 

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Poetic_Eyes's picture


healing...this is an older poem and i'm glad you can relate to me. i'm still in the process of re-adding my poetry, but i did write a new one last night and added this morning...that's under my fairy-tale section (log cabin sisterhood).