Kiss Of Eternity

Kiss Of Eternity

Karyn Indursky


Ruggedly running through orange blossom winds
are fleeting memories of a happier yesterday
as crystal clear skies toothlessly smiles
upon silhouette couples creating fonder futures
with tender romance kisses nipping relentlessly
at the seat of their buttocks while joker laughter
fills the night from stubborn skeptics caving
into fairy-tale dreams believed to be untrue
until Cinderella's glass slipper shoes click
silently, gracefully on Prince Charming's red carpet
outstretched like his hands cupping tea leaf hands
before dipping her backwards while leaning slowly
towards her to claim his long awaited
kiss of eternity.

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itsthesmallthings's picture


wow!! I really like this. I love the use of Cinderella in the context of this poem, and I like the line "outstretched like his hands cupping tea leaf hands" - I really like that, haha.


However I found this line confusing: "as crystal clear skies toothlessly smiles"

Should it be "smile"? Since skies is plural?


Anyway great job!!(:

Poetic_Eyes's picture


thanks. this is an older piece of mine.