Love in white and black

The Early Works

White girls…
Black haired, red head, brunette and blonde

White girls…
When black men want one – to black women its wrong

White girls…
Will change you and take away your blackness

Instead of rice and peas your food will be the blandest

White girls…
Will be second best and can never match up

Hold up a second I know plenty of black women that don’t know how to cook

White girls…
Pale skin, fair skin, tan or fake tanned

Will get pregnant and divorce you they’re just a trophy stand

White girls…
Are just wannabees who play our manz

I’ve had enough of you black women, lets see the flipside of your hand

A black man…
With any sense gets educated

A black man…
With good up bringing knows how to treat a lady

A black man…
Can make out the bad from good

More importantly if could choose who he fell for he would

It gets personal when they say you can’t handle a black woman so you go for mixed-race
What happens if the one I want aint to your taste
I will graduate from your school of insecurity
Many times you rejected me
Now you’re trying to secure me?

Anything mixed with black as long as you think she’s pretty
If chose I Mediterranean that’s the exception you’ll give me?

I’ll go for what I know if she’s the beat to my flow
Even if her tempers active like a volcano
True love with anyone is rocky and rough
But when its true love
Enough…is never enough

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't meant to be a racist poem but it opens with common sentiments amongst many black females regarding inter racial relationships.

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