It's gettin harder by the minute,it gets harder by the day 

To be around a person who I know deep down, really only wants to walk away 

You tell what I wanna hear, just to keep me at bay

Bet you wouldn't lie straight to my face, if you had another place to stay 

Bet if your plan b was already here, you'd leave with no delay 

N Betray, 

everything we built, if only you had the guts to come out n say 

That here is not where you wanna be, I kno this already so need to portray 

Like you still in love with me, n that everything is okay 

Because you n I both know that it's not, its just a game that you play 

Just to keep the peace for now, until you ready to stray 

Until you find another home, somewhere stress free where you can lay 

How long will we dance this lil dance, before you decide to walk away 

Wether you care or not, I know the real reason you stay


Far from a fool, how dare you think I'm that naive 

That if given the chance to dip, so fast I kno you'd leave

Our relationship has gone so far left, it's kinda hard to deceive 

Pretend as much as like you, but I see through the person you try to perceive 

You Slowing falling out of love shows me exactly who you really are, guess it's my fault for refusing to believe 

Your Actions that speak way louder than your words, guess it's time for me to grieve

A love I thought was written in the stars, a love we can no longer achieve

Breaks my heart bc you were my Adam, n I thought I was your Eve 

But I was Just your hell mixed with pain, heartache was the only thing that we conceived 

It's the beginning of our end, you're free... are you relieved?!?! 







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take that energy & give it to

take that energy & give it to yourself xoxo

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Great advice and that's

Great advice and that's exactly what I did!!!!