11 the number proven to be my gift n my curse 

Given by someone who I considered my first 

Ripped my heart into two n each day it feels worst 

Feel like my heart bout to burst 

Call the doctor call the nurse 

Just put my body in a bag take me away in a hurst 

Guess he playing a game of get back 

Now feelings are reversed. 

Never ever did I think anything could separate us 


But it did 

Gotta be a strong woman now for me n my kid 

Feeling like I'll never love again , my heart shall forbid 

If you walk away forever, my heart will never forgive 

For as long as I live 


Me from moving on 

So tired of being strong 

 This shit feels so wrong 

You shoulda just broke my heart sooner, why the fuck it took it so long?! 

How can you just up n leave home 

Leaving your wife to raise our kid alone 


All I feel is numbness inside, have no more tears to even cry 

This the worst fucking feeling man,I can't even lie

I hurt you you hurt me, we even, call that ah tie

Now I have no fucks to give, yes I'm all outta supply  

Emotions so numb, the tears I cry come out dry 

So save your words of persuasion, and don't you dare even try 

To convince me not to give up when clearly you kno why 

 Ashanti playing in my head, "Cant believe that's it's over baby, every bruise on my heart you gave me" 

That's how I kno it just time for me to say good bye 



Pain can teach lessons that pride refuses to let you learn 

Broken so many hearts along my way, now karma says it's my turn 

Now I'm dealing with a broken heart, but like usher Ima let it burn 

Made a promise to myself, next one will definitely have to earn 


Top spot in my spiritual temple, shall be my only concern 

 It's gonna hurt to hate you but loving you feels way worse 

Yea I felt that shit cardi, so much truth in that one verse 

Am I wrong to say that love can sometimes feel like a gift n a curse 

It's like heaven n hell decided to get together 

Creating the sun n the rain, producing emotional type of weather 

Fuck it it's whatever 

I knew I shoulda never 

Fell in love with your potential with broken promises of forever 

Now I gotta be this heartless bitch, just to cut ties that was built to never sever 

Love is ah tricky verb, keeps you on your toes, how clever 

Something as simple as ah four letter verb 

Can leave even the strongest feeling disturbed 

 Cuz when ah heart breaks in half, I swear the eruption can be heard 

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i felt this. look out for

i felt this. look out for 11:11 - it's a sign the angels are communicating w/ you. strong is venting, strong is sharing.  xoxo