I'm possessed with ah energy that will never die.. therefore,, you can never escape me, no matter how hard you try 

I'm everywhere, every smell that you smell, is my sprinkled magic dust floating through your air 

Unicorn, I am rare 

They say eyes are the windows to your soul so when you talk, yes I will stare 

Deep into your soul to see what lies there 

And if that makes you uncomfortable, well I really don't care 

I study humans like ah human studying ah animal 

N I've come to the conclusion, people in this world will eat you alive like ah fucking cannibal 

People are selfish n unkind, no appreciation for what's intangible 

People need to see just in order to believe 

But they can't see shit, 3rd eye way too naive 

So easy to deceive 

Same Ones who say magic ain't real, is the same ones who think  they came from Adam n Eve 

Your mind is that of an ignorant child, with no ability to perceive 

That what so ever you think, has power to manifest 

And depending on the amount of energy used when verbally expressed  

Determines the power of your magic that you naturally possess 

Can you see why I'm so freaking obsessed 

With the power of the mind 

Think things you wanna see happen in real time 

Know that magic is ah divine 

Tool that can be used to activate the energy along your spine 

Kundalini energy, 7 chakras, everything else aligns 

Speak the language of the universe, gives you spirit guides that sends signs 

Guiding n reminding you, don't trip,,,, everything will be just fine



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