For the stars, they are for signs 

That tell stories of the divine, 

in the perfect way that they align 

Sheds light throughout the dark, giving sight to the blind 

Word from the wise, seek n you shall find 

7 churches which are metaphorical for the 7 energy centers down your spine 

The chakras that you must activate, to receive higher consciousness plus wisdom, 

Magick happens when these combine

Not talking about fairy tales of Jesus turning water into wine 

Im talking numerology, now understand that the number 9 

Is the number of human consciousness, remember to keep that in mind, remember numbers intertwine 

All throughout the Bible, this was how it was purposely designed 

To reveal remnants of truth , breadcrumbs that's been left behind 

By our ancestors who are from the same bloodline 

Ancestors who understood,that it took a certain kind of darkness, for the truth to even shine 

I made it ah point to read the stars, then boom my stars magically aligned 

Saw the man holding the picture, Aquarius was my sign

That watered my mind, in my second coming in this time

Was my last chance to get it right, Now I'm blessed, now I'm Divine


Metaphorically, yeah that's gonna go over alotta pple heads  

Learn astrology, learn the zodiacs, to understand what I have just said 

Cuz the shit I talk about, ain't for the mentally dead 

Or the mentally lazy, who would rather be spoon fed 

Rather let someone else seek the truth, then take all the cred

When they have the same access i do, if only you just had read 

Basic instructions before leaving earth, I call that my spiritual bread 

Man I'm waking with purpose, my lower self I had to shed 

Behold that little horse, that comes painted in red

Metaphorical it's that horse, that controls emotions in your head 

Control your emotions n just watch how you ascend full speed ahead 

Are you ready for revelations, cuz I'm ready to spread

Now be led ,to the truth instead 

Of wondering what the hell im taking about, stop letting free wisdom go over your head. 



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