The pressure is on, n they say pressure creates diamonds 

Will I sink or will I swim , I just pray it's divine timing 

Pray all the messages I been seeing, are reminding and implying 

That I'm that Capricorn, that goat, that never gives up through all the climbing 

Life is rough, but I am tough, no time for complaining, no time for whining

Won't catch me in the corner balled up somewhere, panicking and crying 

even if I can't see what's transpiring

I kno something gotta be aligning 

Cuz it takes ah certain kind of darkness, to see stars that's meant for shining 

Light n dark, perfect balance, anybody tell you different would be lying 

Ignoring the negative voices in my head, that's tryna clip my wings, but I'm still flying 


Flying n ready to rumble 

I promise I will not crumble 

Promise I won't be that fool, who drops the ball while they fumble 

 Cuz this beast that lives within, Won't allow me to be humble 

And sit back n watch negativity, try to trip me up, but I won't stumble 


Yeah I see you obstacles, I see you hurdles, oh you think I'm gonna stop 

Not when I see all the numbers constantly pushing me forward, pushing straight to my mountain top

Giving me faith, giving me courage in moments when I just wanna drop 

Gotta remind myself I'm destined for greatness, I'm the Creme of the crop


Don't need all the money in the world, but fuck I wouldn't mind being rich 

But this world is so dam cold n man  and life can be a real bitch 

Throwing me curved balls  left n right, but I knock em out with every pitch 

As I open tiny portals of my mind,  I call that ah sacred glitch 

Gotta keep my mind focused on the purpose, cuz anxiety is that annoying itch 

That can simply be scratched away, as I mentally switch 

N dive back into my magic, for magic is my niche 

So fuck you chaos, I will not loose,,


I AM toughest fucking witch 


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