This is to you

2004 poems

This is to you and I hope that 
you will find it is so true. 
My love for you is so deep and pure. 
This is why I am so scared for us. This 
is to you and I hope that you won't 
feel so blue after I tell you. I have 
never loved anyone more than I do for 
you. I care for you so much that I feel 
like you think that it is not fair for 
us to go on loving each other. This is 
to you the person that I will always love 
no matter how far we get, no matter 
what it takes I will always stick with 
you when I am blue, I will stick with 
you when I don't even have a clue, I will 
stick with you because I know it will 
always be true.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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