Not what it seems

Walk down the road...5:10.
So hot, sweat running down my face.
I look up; it's so blue, looks like the ocean on a beautiful calm day.
I look closer and see two beautiful mountains, side by side perfectly.
They look so firm.
There was a cave below them, I slowly go down the mountain toward the cave.
Once down I try nice and calmly to enter the cave, other than a little bush in the way there was no problem.
Once in, it felt beautiful, everything was perfect.
The only sad thing was, I knew sooner or later I would have to leave.
But at the same time I knew coming out would be so joyful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is more funny than anything, we(a few poets) were doing a test to see what readers would get from a poem. it was to show that a poem can mean very different things to different people and more so the writer.
this is not what it seems, I'm sure if you think about it some will understand what it is talking about.

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this could be a metaphor or a

this could be a metaphor or a series of similies.  I am looking at two beautiful mountains. and  a cave.  I think I know what you are writing about.  tell me if I am correct. heather

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YOu are Correct!

You are correct, Glad you enjoyed it.

hope all is well



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thanks for reply.  I write metaphors and similies often.  I have for many years.  These allows us to say what we want, but our readers must be able to apply them accordingly.  Nice work 360. Have a great day, Heather

           (clever)   (excellent)