I Am

God created me.
The angels disagree with me.
Demons fear me.
The devil uses me.
I am free will.

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The devil only uses us if we let him. nice, short poem. I was thinking about your poems from long ago. When you said they need a lot of work to them. I did a lot of editing and rewriting on my old poems also. but I kept all my old poems just as they were in the beginning I made a folder title A YOUNG POET and put all of my original in it. Then I sat and compared the difference from then to now. I make a folder for all my poems by subject. thanks for reading just a suggestion. have a good day. hw

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thanks for the tip

thanks for the tip.
yea i spelling and grammer is a big issue too lol, well i think its more that i type to much and don't didn't/ don't read what i write.

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It's true I first write out long hand. Then I start to edit my work. check for spelling errors. I use dictionary often. I am always changing my work tryig to make it better. My short poems I translate to german, Italian, and Spanish. This gives a person more reading power. And if someday I would want to publish a book (which I do) I could do it in four different langues. A poet friend of mine has told me many things about writing. take care hw