Crazy Evil


you took my trust

and blew it, destroyed it

you took someone that cares

was sweet and

a good person

and turned her into

something she cant describe

someone she doesnt know


you tore my being

tore me from what

i cared about

my friends, my family

even the home i had


you made me believe

you were like no one else

someone nice

who cared about my feelings

soon enough you changed

made a 180 degree change

in the wrong direction


you took my phone

ruined my friendship

with an old coworker of mine

you took with no permission

never asked

and wouldnt give back

no matter how nice

i asked

we got into a verbal


which brewed into violence


a black eye

a bruised arm

made me realize

who you are

the real you

the side only i

got to see

The Crazy Evil side

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was the first guy who abised me, emotionally, verbally, and ultimately physically... no one deserves that kind of pain. i am a survivor. i made it out alive

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"hell is other people"- Jean

"hell is other people"- Jean Paul Sartre. The more trust someone the more significant betrayal will be. People can't be trusted. A flip of a coin can turn a lover into a hater or a friend into an enemy. Having expectations will get you hurt.