Magickal Message


you may believe in a god and satan

but i believe in something else

i believe in the power of nature

the elementsc herbs

the spiritual realms around us

and the power to change the things i can

there is so much more to what i believe

Crystal Working

working with crystals and the energy

they harness


a place to do spells, crystal working

and other magickal workings

like herbal magic

using aromas from the herbs to aid

in healing

and boost spirirtuality and


to open up chakras and release energies

to open yourself up to spirits

and higer beings

Pagan, just a term to describe

all nature based religions

Druidism, Shamanism

even wiccans of all sorts and decents

are all included under paganism

we are not bad

once you get to know what we do

and see it for yourself

you see we do no harm

only good in this world

we only get one world

we make it ours

we harness our energies and our


and let ourselves become one

with nature, the outdoors

we love the peacefulness

and the serenity that comes with

Dont judge what you

dont understand

Blessed Be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

trying to show that pagans and wiccansof all sorts are not bad. just want to open others minds to this

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Whatever benefits you is

Whatever benefits you is good. There is no one set of beliefs or doctrines that works for everyone. Each person should own what they believe in and be proud of it.

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i am proud

i am proud to say im an eclectic and celtic wiccan

Joanna S.