Here We Go

Here we are and there we go,

Through the gulley and up the road,

Round the corner, cross the creek.

I should be back after  New Year’s Eve.

And hear them rant and hear them roar,

With explosive thunder and drowning applause.

As the by-standers listen with increasing alarm,

We realise there is becoming a call to alms.

So we’ll go gather a harvest that none’s seen before,

And we’ll go merry with abandonment and merry amore,

We’ll cut down the sapling and whip your fresh arse,

For low may be penny but high be the grasp.

And fore chance you should plummet or otherwise thrive,

In agreement be measure and consistencies find,

That all be in good endeavour or merit unspied,

But ‘tis better in weather to close portal,

and stay inside.     ______

©R.H.Elliott 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wherever you go is really up and away. But how many of your particles did you know and care for?

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