A friend does love at all times
No matter what you do
'cause the one who is your friend
His heart is turned to you.

A friend is one who understands
When you make mistakes
A friend is one who never ceases
Always loves, not hates.

A friend will give you all they have
So that you will be glad
A friend will always see you through
And bless you when you're sad.

I'm glad that Yeshua said these words
'I have chosen you'
For I have come to understand
My friend is Yeshua too.

For though at times I erred in sin
Which grieved my Saviour's heart;
In my tears he came to me
His love He did impart.

He said to me, 'I am your friend,
I died upon that ROD;
no longer will you be alone
for you're now a friend of God.'

Job 6:14; Proverbs 17:17

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heatherburns35's picture

a friend

this is a great description of a friend. He is more precious than
gold or silver. A treasure to have in ones life. Many will come
but few will remain.

I love you calling our savior Yeshua. In English translation HE is jESUS.
i have been reading the lost books of the Bible and find them very interesting.
Have a good day. heather