Many Are Blinded (by God)

Many eyes are blinded

Shut up in unbelief

They listen not to Jesus

But have paid heed unto the thief.

They would put the Lord in a box

Tie the Holy Spirit down;

Saying, 'we know all there is to know

for we shall have renown.'

But all these people though they

From Roman Catholic to Pentecostal be;

Are all but cults with heresies

There is one thing they do not see.

Many are blinded by their own way

The sheep they do not tend:

Instead, they push their barrows along the street -

And can't see the DEAD END !

Some don't see that Jesus died

And that he rose again

To justify those that have faith;

So they teach the law in vain.

Some don't see that Jesus lives

And gives life unto the dead

They preach another way but Christ;

To trap the sheep instead.

Some don't see the Holy Spirit

Can be given by Jesus today

So they have no assurance of

The things in life's array.

Some don't see the need of faith

But rely on their own might;

My answer to the lot of them is -


'But if our gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost.'

2 Corinthians 4:3

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