Listen to Yeshua

By thunder and lightning the Lord will speak

As he did on the Mount of the Law;

So believe not the false christ who comes to you

Instead remember God's Word from time afore.

Jesus answered, when disciples did ask

" Tell us when these things shall be ?"

Yeshua replied, said unto them;

'Take heed that no man deceive.'

'For many shall come saying, I am the Christ

believe in them not I do say

for as the word of God is true;

these come not in the right way.

'For I shall come upon the clouds

as lightning from East unto West:

to stand upon Mount Olivet.'

False christ's will not pass that test !

It's best to listen to Yeshua

Accept not what other men say;

For Yeshua hath spoken the truth to mankind -

All shall be fulfilled on that day.

Matthew 24

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