The Folly of Christmas

When did the Winter Solstice

Become a church day ?

Was it commanded in the Scripture

That we keep this Roman way ?

The carnality of Christ- Mass

Amazes me twofold;

Firstly, it's a heathen feast

And, rejects the truth of old.

The only greater folly

Than Christ -Mass I can see

Is the keeping of Estarte

Easter to you and me.

For both of these traditions

I pray, be dead and gone,

Let us follow Christ of heaven

Not Nimrod of Babylon.

For it grieves the Holy Spirit

And insults the Saviour's love

For the Church to keep such festivals

They are NOT from above.

I know what I have said

Will to some brethren cause offence,

But I must obey the Lord

So I can't sit on the fence !

Colossians 2:8-10

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