A Bigot

I know I am a bigot

That's what I want to be

And I will be a bigot

Throughout eternity.

The reason I'm a bigot

And dogmatic too

Is because I will not change

From my point of view.

My point of view is this

From it I cannot sway

Only YESHUA leads to God

There is no other way.

Yeshua said so Himself

I know it does cause strife

But I have claimed His promise

'I am the way, the truth, the life.'

So, I may seem a bigot

Because I'll always say

No man can come to God

Without Yeshua as the way.

Now in my dogmatism

I can be very brave

For I know that Yeshua

Is no longer in the grave.

Now, this does make a difference

'cause in the Christ I'm free

I no longer listen to

This world's philosophy.

Of course I'll be dogmatic

With this point of view

And I may seem a bigot

But I love God, do you ?

Upon second thought however

Now, please do not faint

I'm not really a bigot

Just a plain olde saint.

John 14:6

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