Life's Hill

I was climbing up life's hill

On a steep and crooked track,

But for every two steps taken

It seemed three I would slip back.

I tried to hang on with my hands

And dug my heels in too;

But in the end I'd slide back down

Injured and feeling through.

So, up again I'd push

But that hill it seemed to grow

Into a mountain fortified

With a precipice below.

The load I bore was heavy

It would force me to the ground

But as I struggled to my feet,

I heard a little sound.

A voice upon my ear did ask

'Why is it you delay

if you wish to climb this mountain

why don't you stop to pray ?'

It was then that I remembered

Those words I now love best,

'Come to me you heavy laden

and I shall give you rest.'

Matthew 11:28

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