The Devil's Tree

Christmas came the other day

And sat down next to me

Saying, 'Come on son, have some fun

make an idol of a tree.

'Don't worry about what God might say,

enjoy yourself, have a laugh

be like that fool called Aaron -

who built that golden calf.

'After all the Christian Church

has been cutting trees for years;

and putting up the mistletoe -

those silly little dears.

'So don't worry about what God might say

for I've deceived them all you know;

so come along and do the same -

why don't you have a go ?'

I replied to Christmas in this way

'Why don't you go to hell;

I have no idol; Yeshua is Lord -

of Him I love to tell.

'So you will burn with your Christmas tree

in that eternal lake of fire;

for I find by God's Logos -

you are the Devil and you're a liar.'

'The customs of the people are vain'

Jeremiah 10:1-5

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