The Cost

There is a price to pay

When you place your faith in God,

There is a load to bear

It's the unbelievers rod.

The price that you must pay

Is determined by the Lord;

There is a cost to give

To the ungodly horde.

For though you might not be

A prisoner in a cell;

There is a price to pay for faith

This cost, you cannot tell.

For in my life a cost I owe

Unto my ministry,

Forgiving ALL the hurts

Others perpetrate on me.

But I count not the cost

Of being called by the Lord;

My redemption is in Him who said

'if you love me keep my word'

For he counted not the cost

When he bled and died for me;

He counted not the cost

On that accursed tree !

Philippians 1:29

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