The Revelation

The Sun goes black as sackcloth

The Moon it gives no light

Men scream out in anguish;

Their hearts fail them for fright.

Men cry out in pain and terror

Men hide beneath the ground

Men long to die, not suffer;

But death will not be found.

The Day of the Lord has come

Daytime has turned to night

Light appears in heaven;

The WORD has come to fight.

He seizes the false prophet

And the beast as well

Many men they did deceive;

So they're cast into hell.

An angel will bind Satan

Cast him into the pit

But after the 'one thousand years'

He is released from it.

The WORD of God slays others

Against them God's wrath doth rage

Because they have received the mark;

And worshipped the image.

The slaying power of the WORD

Comes forth from His mouth

It is a sharp two - edged Sword;

Casting all evil out.

The birds of Earth will gather

Coming from all around

To feast upon the corpses;

That are scattered on the ground.

Hail will fall upon the Earth

One of the seven bowls

That will be poured on evil men;

Who rejected the truth foretold.

This is the truth - Yehsua the Messiah

Who died at Calvary

Through the giving of His blood;

He gave for you and me.

So, if you would escape

This wrath of prophecy

Come and cling to Yeshua;

Come, and cling with me.

The Revelation

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