No Excuses Body

'Now body do not argue

and make uxcuses so

you lived a life with sin

so it's to the grave you go.

I told you once what Jesus said

about all flesh and blood

now you cannot inherit heaven

the Kingdom of my God.

For the flesh does profit nothing

and to the grave it goes

to corrupt and be no more

an ending to life's woes.

Now the earthly man is first

filled mostly with sins leaven;

but the man in the Christ comes next -

Who is the second man from heaven.

And except a grain of wheat

die, it shall remain alone

for even wheat in death

for the new life does atone.

So body now you understand

that to the grave you go,

but I shall live in the Christ

amen, for it is so'

1 Corinthians 15

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