I Shall Behold Thy Face

My body is now still

No movement does it make

Cold from head to feet

Takes no sleep nor wakes.

There is no breath left in it

Quiet in death it be

The final place for man

Corruption it will see.

The worms shall devour my body

When my skin is past

This rotting, stinking body

Goes to the grave at last.

For whilst I lived, I spoke

To my body oftentimes;

'Thou cannot enter heaven -

God's kingdom is divine.

For my redeemer lives -

gave me a second birth

and in the latter day

He shall stand upon the earth !

Now body, thou shalt perish

and shall no longer be

for I shall get a new one

and have no need of thee.'

I shall behold Thy face O Lord

As your righteousness I see;

Be satisfied when I awake

And in your likeness be.

Job 19:25-27; Psalm 17:15

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