The New Cart

You will remember that in David's day

The Ark of God they took

But placed it on a New Cart

And not according to God's Book ?

When they came to Na-chon's threshing floor

In error Uz-zah did reach

As the Ark began to topple

Upon him God made a breach.

Now, King David was displeased

And afraid of the Lord;

But soon he came to understand -

They had disobeyed God's Word.

So to the priests of Levi

King David this did say,

'You obeyed not God's due order

but did things your own way'

Now, by some sections of the Church

A New Cart has been made,

Where the Lord must dance their tune

In this, I am dismayed.

'Now Lord WE release you

And toss you to and fro;

God, you better do it

For we are the boss you know'

This New Cart the Church does drive

A new Ark they've made too;

The registration caption is

'God do what WE tell you!!'

This warning I now give

You must burn all your New Carts

Or God will make another breach

Please, let Jesus touch your hearts !

1 Chronicles 13:1-11; 15:1-13

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